Client Success Stories

We pride ourselves on a job well done. We will be on the ground for you ensuring equipment, processes and training are in place to set you up for success. On-site is job right to us! Learn more about some of our successful “solution” adventures:

"We were on a major production run when a quality problem came out of nowhere. It was the middle of December and we had to finish our order and have our plant ready for shut down by the end of the year. We called SBC and they set up a logistics plan, hauled fifty loads of material out of our plant in two weeks, and returned all our slip sheets and skids. It was amazing."

Rob – Plant Manager
Bottle Manufacturer

"My customer acquired a warehouse that had over a million pounds of material in it. I didn’t know what the material was, but a colleague suggested I contact SBC. They came in with trucks and forklifts and cleared out the building and helped prepare it for the new tenants. Some of the material was actually worth something so we used the money to improve the property. They did a great job for us!"

Bill – Finance VP
Investment Banking

"I was tasked with finding a new service provider for our recycling program. I was getting the same feedback from everyone I contacted, “A lot of your material is mixed and not worth anything.” When I called SBC they offered to come out and help set up a process to sort material and add value. With sorting and labeling our boxes, we’re consistent in handling the material and now we have over 12 grades that are marketable and sustainable."

Rebecca – Quality Control Manager
Auto Manufacturing

"I first worked with SBC in 1996. They were integral in designing and installing a baling system in my facility. Since then, we have installed a second baling line and they manage all our recycling materials. I would recommend them to anyone."

Jim – Facilities Maintenance Manager
Retail Distribution


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